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Elbow pain.. is it tennis elbow or golfers elbow

Posted on April 28, 2011 at 3:01 PM
Often times people develop pain in elbow which usually gets worse in certain positions or activites like golfing, heavy gripping, hammering, turning knobs, using manual tools etc.
Elbow pain can be very disabiling; affecting work, leisure activity like golfing, sometimes even making it difficult to hold coffee cup.
These problems could develop from either the acute episode like weekend gardening , lifting , after common house projects requirning drilling etc, or could be the result of sports activities or cumulative trauma at work which causes slow tearing of tendons over the period of time.
Tendons on the back side of hand originate from the outer part of elbow and their origin at outer part of elbow is usually the culprit in "tennis elbow " or "lateral epicondylosis"
Tendons on the front of forearm or palm side of hand originate from the inside of elbow and usually the culprit in "Golfers elbow" or "Medial epicondylosis"
Common treatments include rest, icing and using the common counterforce back available over the counter.
If these problems linger on for a while one must seek the medical attention especially people who work in field like construction, sportsman or any other foeld requiring repetitive movment as it results in continuous wearing and tearing of structure.
Cortisine injections, PRP(plasma rich) injections or saline injections in the inflammed site are the common treatments to resolve symptoms with rehab. of injured structures.
Certain cases there might be surgery requires to clean the area with reaatching the tendons and in those cases long term rehab is required.
Key role of a therapist
1. Establishing a good history of problem to identify correct cause of pain. All patient are different and therapist should understand their need , occupation and goals during evaluation.
2. Detailed physical evaluation to understand symptoms
3. Establishing a treatment plan to help lead better life without apin and discomfort
Therapy is focused upon reducing inflammation at elbow region and improving function.
Therapist utilizes different modalities i.e ulrasound therapy, moist heat, TENS etc along with manual therapy i.e stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, specialized mobilization techniques etc. Therapist is also responsible for proper use of brace, band, taping etc.
Strengtheing in these cases should be done carefully as sometimes it can worsen symptoms and pathlogy.

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